Overcoming Learning Adversity with Tae Kwon Do

Overcoming Learning Adversity with Tae Kwon Do

There is a growing base of evidence that children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Deviant Disorder and other learning disabilities can benefit greatly from the structure, mental discipline and physical rigor associated with learning the martial arts.

A study performed by the University of Wisconsin Stout asserts that participants with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities with at least one year of martial arts experience enjoyed the following positive benefits:

  • 90% of participants had greater self-esteem
  • 80% stated that martial arts had greatly improved their quality of life
  • Over 65% felt stronger with greater stamina and balance

Martial arts, particularly Tae Kwon Do, focuses on consistency and repetition, incorporated with mental and physical challenges, that provide a sense of structure, awareness and security within a safe and fun learning environment.

For over 25 years, we have worked with child psychologists and special education teachers who have sought alternative ways to help struggling kids while augmenting their existing therapies.

Although we have helped many along the way, our teaching methods continue to evolve as times change to help kids discover, and maintain, their inner martial artist.

Many of our parents have observed dramatic improvements in their kid‘s ability to:

  • Pay attention in school while improving grades
  • Socialize with peer groups
  • Manage emotional situations with self-control
  • Attain a higher level of self esteem

The learning environment at Chung’s Black Belt Academy fosters an atmosphere that allows struggling kids to grow at their own pace. Challenging, yet attainable, goals are constantly set and surpassed so students always feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. These goals are continually revised as they progress into more physically challenging and mentally demanding exercises that keep them focused and driven to be the best martial artist that they can be.

Teens and TAE KWON DO

Teens and TAE KWON DO

Your kid is on his/her way to becoming an adult. The transition is happening fast (they may be thinking it’s happening faster than it really is). They are taking their first steps toward adulthood, and although we may not see it, there are a lot of pressures that influence your teen’s decision making.

It may seem like an easy road for them, they don’t have to worry about bills and other adult responsibilities, but they may be at a mental crossroads of what it means to not be a child anymore – and assume responsibility. Peer pressure and other influences, inside and out, become real forces at this age. You want to be sure that your teen is making the right decisions simply because it’s the right thing to do, not necessarily the cool thing.

The art of Tae Kwon Do can equip your teen with healthy lifestyle choices, habits and values to carry to the outside world. We equip your teen with the confidence to be their own person – to choose the right path without the fear of being shunned.

We will often put teens in leadership roles to take charge while being partnered with another intructor or student. These types of activities help to build self-esteem while developing a philosophical sense of responsibility that comes with guiding others.

Teens taking Tae Kwon Do often come to realize and appreciate that they play an integral part of something bigger than themselves. They are surrounded by instructors who teach by example and learn to gain respect by showing the same.