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Muskego, WI, 53150

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Premiere Child, Teen, and Adult Tae Kwon Do
Martial Art Instruction in Muskego, WI


Chung’s Mission Statement

Here at Chung’s Black Belt Academy we are not a McDojo which pops up in every city, promises to fill you up, but does little more than leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Our students pride themselves on knowing that they did not simply buy their belt; that they are not part of a mass producing black belt factory, but earned it through intense training. Training through our system will build confidence in you and confidence in our instruction. Our instructors pride themselves on holding true to tradition and their attention to detail when it comes to proper technique. We have not compromised our standards in order to increase student population or falsely promote an inferior product.

The art as taught by Master Chung can be summarized in three forms of self:

•Self Defense – the vocabulary of techniques that a student will master in order to physically protect him/herself and others
•Self-Discipline – the understanding of that there is a difference between using the art of Tae Kwon Do and misusing Tae Kwon Do
•Self Confidence – the belief of the effectiveness of the art when forced to use it properly

Why Chung’s Black Belt Academy?

What is the difference? Why choose Chung’s Black Belt Academy?

Our main focus at Chung’s Black Belt Academy is always to produce top quality people and martial artists. This does not stop at just throwing the hardest punch or the fastest kick. Every student, regardless of age will learn important life skills and exude confidence. Adults, For example, will have a great way to get in shape and learn new ways to mentally manage stressful situations. All students will learn to be respectful and courteous.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for training in Tae Kwon Do, whether it be the physical aspect of exercise and conditioning, having the knowledge to defend one’s self, improve self-esteem, or get in touch with themselves;  that inner calm and focus.

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